Thursday, August 4, 2011

Here I am, Rock You Like a Hurricaine!

And I'm back on the air.  A lot has been going on recently, so I've been away.  Good news is I am currently working on my zombie novel, the one I am writing with Alyn Day with hopes that I will have a finished product on Kindle by the end of September - I will be writing like a maniac in the meantime.  I am also wracking my brain for a way to afford Bruins home opener tickets for Ashleigh's birthday.  Not sure it will be happening.  Preliminary prices are $265 and those are the lowest I have seen thus far.  I know they aren't officially on sale yet but it isn't looking too good.  Fortunately they have a home game against Montreal on October 27, and pricess seem quite good for that one!
Also trying to decide on complementary gifts for our anniversary in a few weeks (September 13).  Got the big one picked, just looking for the extras.  Thinking about inquiring about a car, or truck rather.  I want something like a Tacoma or Ranger or F-150 but the smaller versions.  I need something with 4-wheel drive.  My Yaris is decent in the snow but a 4-wheel drive truck would be way better.  And rear-wheel drive trucks are not so good.  Had one, worst vehicle I have ever had in the snow.
Looking for a good horror movie to see?  Ash and I recently watched Insidious and we liked it.  Got a tad crappy towards the end but very good overall.  I liked it a lot.  Also Suckerpunch was quite good.  Be back on over the weekend with a little exerpt from the new book as well as the new business card design!

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