Monday, November 4, 2013

What just happened??

So I'm a big sports guy.  I like watching, and I do follow several teams.  I'm a fan of the Boston Bruins, Boston Red Sox, Oakland Raiders and Boston Celtics.  I am also a fan of several specific players, and I will root for those individual players so long as it does not conflict with the teams for which I root.  Now I know that some of my teams will lose more often than they will win.  The Celtics and the Raiders are two of those teams.  But the Raiders loss yesterday was insane!  How do you give up SEVEN TOUCHDOWN PASSES AND A PERFECT PASSER RATING TO A BACKUP?!?!?!?!  It made me sad.  More for Charles Woodson than for anyone else.  He could have gone to another team that had a much better chance of winning it all, or at least making it to the playoffs.  He's one of my all-time favorite players.  Quick list of all-time favorite football players:
1.  Rod Woodson (Steelers, 49ers, Ravens, Raiders)
2.  Darrell Green (20 years with the Redskins and was the fastest man in the NFL for all of them)
3.  Charles Woodson (Raiders, Packers, Raiders)
4.  Howie Long (Raiders)
5.  Dexter Manley (Redskins, Buccaneers)
6.  Barry Sanders (Lions- retired at age 32 way before his time)
7.  Tim Brown (Raiders,one year with the Bucs after they crushed the Raiders in Tim's only Super Bowl)
8.  Art Monk (Redskins)
9.  Jerry Rice (49ers, Raiders, Seahawks, Broncos- but only for camp because he got cut.)
10. Wes Welker (Chargers, Dolphins, Patriots, Broncos)

Random, I know.  And yes, there is a pattern of Raiders players and defensive players as well.  But I prefer good defense, and I liked playing defense when I played in high school.  So anyway, back to what I was saying.  I know my teams will lose more than they will win.  I'm fine with that.  I know that my team is not going to dominate every single game, I'm not a deluded Patriot fan who thinks that as long as they have Brady and Belichick they can never lose, I do not expect my team to get crushed.  I want them to be at least competitive.  Not giving up record amounts of points or touchdown passes.  Again, I can understand if they run into a team that's ripping through the league like a buzzsaw, like the '07 Patriot offense, or a Hall of Fame-bound player putting up ridiculous stats.  But a backup?  Makes me so disappointed.  But I'm looking forward to seeing them bounce back next week and hopefully get back towards at least a .500 season.  I'm super excited for this offseason because the Raiders have so much cap room for the first time and they can surround Pryor with a more stable offensive line (and get guys back from injuries) and perhaps a new receiver like Hakeen Nicks or maybe even Larry Fitzgerald (here's hoping!).  Just as long as they don't go crazy spending too much money on stupid contracts.  So let's see what happens.    

Friday, November 1, 2013

About goddam time!

So I finally got a job.  I'll be doing inbound sales calls for Bose.  Granted it's temp to perm, but I have a good feeling about being kept when the temp position ends.  It's technically employment through Randstad a staffing agency but I'll take what i can get.
To catch you up on what's been going on since the last blog post.  Well I got married, which is really what has been keeping me from blogging.  Between getting ready for the wedding and all the craziness that has been happening since then.  A few days after the wedding, I was having the most incredible pain I've even experienced!  Nothing I could do to get comfortable or to relieve the agony I was in.  Now to put this into some context I worked for a week on a broken leg when I was with UPS and I dealt with a bruised spine a few years ago.  I actually called the wife (still sounds weird to say) and had her bring me to the ER.  Which is crazy, because I NEVER go to the hospital (took me a week after I broke my leg to go) and I have NO INSURANCE.  Nice.  Turned out to be kidney stones.  Terribly uncomfortable, still dealing with the pain on occasion.
Let's see what else...went to a wedding a week after that and the guy who fired me was there.  He actually came up to me and had the fucking audacity to offer me his hand and ask me how I was doing.  I replied with a curt "Unemployed" and turned away from him.  Ashleigh told him to go to hell, and to go sit down.  It was great!  People were talking about it at various Sprint stores for several days after.  Fantastic!
What else...trying to finish my stupid rewrite so I can start editing the goddam thing.  We did zombie ziplining courtesy of our friends Brian and Melanie.  If you've never done it, it goes like this: a zipline of 1000 feet, takes under 30 seconds.  Then you pile into a beat up van and get driven to another part of the park where you board a short school bus.  You then get driven through the infection zone and there are military folks all around firing at the zombies that are out in the woods.  These are real military folks with real weapons firing blanks.  It was fantastic.  At one point you have to run along the loose earth and gravel in the absolute pitch blackness.  At another you need to be perfectly silent as you walk by a zombie devouring an unfortunate victim.  The best part is that all the proceeds go to veterans, and all the military folks involved are veterans.
Oh, and went to Rock and Shock, sold a few books and met Dee Snider which was nice.  He was cool. Told him I just wanted to get a handshake and he replied "Instead of a kiss?  Sure!"  Chatted with Adam Green of Hatchet 1-3, Frozen, Chillerama and Holliston.  Then had a fantastic time for Ashleigh's birthday. I made her a cake, but I was worried because as soon as I put the cake into the oven......power went out. Fucking awesome.  I was so upset!  But it came back on and I was able to rescue it.  I mangled the shit out of it when I tried frosting it, but Ashleigh said it was the "best cake ever".  Then I gathered some friends and we had a fantastic surprise party for her.  She was totally blindsided, and it was awesome!  We all had a blast!
Other than that...The Deadites 17th Annual Halloween Extravaganza!  If you haven't checked out the Deadites, fucking do it!
YouTube Channel -
Website -
RadioShow -
Facebook Page -
Either click the link or copy and paste into your browser and prepare to have your mind blown.
That's it for now.  See you back here soon, I hope.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Busy Day

So today I was very busy as far as sitting my ass down and just forcing myself to write.  Of course it started with me watching Prophets of Science Fiction on Netflix and playing solitaire, but at least I was sitting in front of the computer with Netflix on one side of the monitor and Cycle of the Hunter on the other.  Then I started getting inspiration from what I was watching.  I wrote an article on the scientific merits of invisibility.  But that wasn't enough.  Then I wrote one on time travel, and finally cybernetics.  I was very pleased with myself.  I sent all three to so that later they will end up on the site but I decided that I wanted to post them here first.  So here they are!  Tell me what you think!

INVISIBILITY – The Scientific Reality
Patrick Rahall
Invisibility is one of the most desirable of super powers.  Think of what you could do when no one else could see you.  The only limit of what you could accomplish is limited by your own sense of morality and ethics.  You could solve your financial worries or sneak into the Super Bowl undetected if you so desired.  But not all applications have negative implications, like I said it is all dependent on your morality and ethical code.  If you wanted to help people, imagine the law enforcement applications.  You could go deep, deep undercover and record or prevent crimes in progress.  You could apply it to the military and use it to infiltrate and spy on the enemy, or even assassinate enemy leaders.  Imagine the possibilities.
            But invisibility is just a pipe dream, isn’t it?  How ridiculous an idea is it that you could, Harry Potter style, throw on an Invisibility Cloak and move about unnoticed?  Not as ridiculous as you might think, actually.  There are currently many groups working on a technology that can actually reflect visible light and render the object below the ‘cloak’ truly invisible to the naked eye.  The technology is made up of ‘meta materials’ which acts as though it isn’t even there.  When light strikes a surface, it reflects in a single beam – picture a laser beam on a mirror or polished metal.  Put something in the path of the beam with an uneven surface and the light will break off in several beams instead of one singular beam and that is what makes that particular thing ‘visible’.  What the meta materials do is act as a shroud, covering the uneven surface and refocusing the light back into a single beam again.  This makes the object under the cloak invisible since the light cannot reflect off of it.
            As of right now, the cloak of meta materials is only capable of making invisible an object 1/100th the width of a human hair.  Not quite enough to bring to life H.G. Wells’ ‘Invisible Man’ but it is a start.  We do have other kinds of invisibility in technology and nature.  There are actual life forms that are so small that they cannot be seen by the naked eye, but they are indeed complex life forms.  And what about nearly invisible fish?  There are jellyfish that can easily be missed unless looking very closely for and at them, in addition to the fish that are nearly ethereal in their makeup.  And what about, say chameleons?  They can blend into their environment and there are animals that have evolved to blend in to their environments.  But none of these are true invisibility.  As of right now, we do not have the capabilities to become truly invisible ourselves, but advances in camouflage and stealth technology are indications that we have always been striving for a way to achieve it.
            With the advancement of social media and the total immersion in technology of today’s world, who wouldn’t want to become invisible?  Who wouldn’t just want to have some privacy, to not have their every move documented and put online for anyone and everyone to peruse at their own leisure?  The appeal of invisibility is not just limited to those who want to rob banks or watch their neighbors undress without being detected.  Will we be able to become truly invisible?  Will meta materials actually become useful and implemented in our lifetime?  It’s a strong possibility.  The real question is will it be helpful, or will it be destructive?
You decide.

Patrick Rahall
Back to the Future.  Terminator.  The Philadelphia Experiment.  The Final Countdown.  The Time Machine, of course.  All of these fantastic tales are centered around the possibility of moving through time, both forward and backward.  Now there are many other tales, published and unpublished that involve time travel.  And why not?  It is one of the most intriguing concepts man has ever come up with.  But is it a possibility? 
            First, let’s discuss the possible paradoxes.  The first is my favorite – the Grandfather Paradox.  It was first posited in the 1943 Rene Barjavel novel Le Voyageur Imprudent (Future Times Three).  In essence, it says that one cannot travel back in time to kill their own grandfather before he has children.  Because if you kill your grandfather before he has children, then he did not give life to his son- your father- and then you.  So if you were never born, how could you have gone back in time to kill your grandfather?  There is also the philosophical concept of autoinfanticide- killing the baby version of you.  Again, if you kill yourself as a baby you can’t ever grow up to become the adult that travels back in time to kill the baby you. 
            The next paradox is the Temporal Causality Loop.  A great example of this is the Black Sabbath song Iron Man.  In the story of the song the protagonist travels back in time via a magnetic field –which turns him into the mute Iron Man- to warn humanity of impending doom.  But because he was unable to communicate, he was ignored and mocked.  This led him to become enraged and destroy the world as we know it- causing the very cataclysm he traveled time to prevent.
            Another problem with time travel is that while you might be going back to do something noble – killing Hitler or preventing Martin Luther King’s assassination – could have far reaching ramifications, the consequences of such are incomprehensible.  It’s basically the Butterfly Effect – if a butterfly flaps its wings in San Diego it causes a tidal wave in Tokyo.  In essence it says that even the smallest actions could affect life in ways that could be cataclysmic.  You cannot possibly imagine what your actions could lead to; by changing the past you are setting into motion an alternate reality that may in fact be far worse than the reality before you changed things.
            As far as time travel as a scientific possibility – it has already happened.  When an astronaut goes into space and travels as fast as spacecraft actually travel when he or she comes back, they are actually a fraction of a second younger than they would have had they stayed on Earth.  Not very impressive, I understand.  But based on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, time slows as speed increases.  So if you could travel at the speed of light in a spacecraft, you would age slower than you would on Earth.
            Another way of manipulating time would be with the creation of a worm hole.  A worm hole is like a shortcut in space.  It’s like a tunnel through a mountain; instead of traveling around the base of the mountain you can travel directly through it drastically reducing travel time.  Imagine two points on a piece of paper.  Now fold the paper so that the two points are touching.  This is the concept of a worm hole as demonstrated by theoretical physicist Michio Kaku.
            Is time travel possible?  In Carl Sagan’s book Cosmos he describes a craft called Orion which would be capable, at the time of the writing in 1980, of attaining a speed of 18,600 miles per second, or one tenth the speed of light.  If there was a way to make this a reality and also a manned craft this would provide a way to cheat time.  Because of the vast distances in space from planet to planet and the incomprehensible distance (and time it would take to travel) the only way to get from one place to another in the galaxy is to travel at speeds that would retard the aging process.  Scientists theorize that traveling through black holes is one way of circumventing space and time.  Of course, there is no way of knowing where or when you will come out on the other side of the black hole or a worm hole, should we find one or develop a way of artificially creating one.  Then of course, we would need to then construct a craft capable of traveling through the crushing gravitational forces of a black hole.  Is this something that is achievable in our lifetime?  Is it something that could even be accomplished at all or is it just science fiction?
            You decide.

Patrick Rahall
Cyborg.  Cybernetic Organism.  It is a term that has been used to describe many different creations; James Cameron’s Terminator, Robocop, The Six Million Dollar Man and even Darth Vader.  It means a mechanical part interwoven into organic, living tissue.  In a way, there have been cyborgs amongst us for decades.  Anyone with a prosthetic limb, pacemaker, or even surgical implant could technically be considered a cyborg.  But when we think of the word, we do not think of surgical implants or pacemakers.  We think of mechanized limbs, shoulder-mounted laser cannons controlled by thought and the like.
But what is the real reality of the cyborg possibility?  For years we have had the ability to manufacture prosthetic limbs.  If you like, you could technically consider the first ‘cyborg’ as someone with a peg leg, or a hook hand.  Granted, there is no mechanical aspect of a wooden leg or steel hook but it was really the first attempt at enhancing the human body by replacing it with a sturdier substance.  We have for a while had the ability to make a prosthetic limb that can move in ways that human limbs cannot.  For example, there are prosthetic hands that can rotate a full 360 degrees.  In fact, we have even been able to advance science and technology to include prosthetic limb replacements for dogs, cats, horses, elephants and even a prosthetic tail for a dolphin or flippers for a sea turtle!  It seems as though no limit exists for prosthetic technology.


            Then along came Modular Prosthetic Limbs.  These leaps in technology are truly modern marvels.  They are actually surgically implanted into a person’s neural cortex and allow the person to control the limb via thought – making the limb truly a part of them.  These prosthetics also have complex computer systems in them that aid the limb in interacting with its environment by taking readings and measurements and interpreting them and allowing the person with the prosthetic to ‘feel’ by sending the computer signals into the person’s brain.  Using the complex system of wires and circuitry to duplicate the human nervous systems is one of the most spectacular uses of technology that humanity has achieved. 
            One thing that science is still struggling with is the completion of a prosthetic eye.  Scientists have been able to unlock the code in the retina of blind mice to allow them to see.  They have claimed to be able to do the same with monkeys as well.  Humans have not yet been able to be ‘cured’ of their blindness, but medical science is hopeful.  The issue they face is replicating the output cells of the human retina known as ganglion cells.  So far all that has been achieved is restoring rough sight that is blurry, like vision through tears that allows the seer only to distinguish rough shapes.  It can be likened to not being able to distinguish shapes of people – not being able to tell a man from a woman but being able to tell the difference between a person and say, a car.
            The other advancements in prosthetic technology are those of exoskeletons.  They are sometimes no more than pneumatic braces to help people walk but they do extend to fully wearable suits that augment strength and stamina.  Not quite to the level of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit (no flight ability or hidden missiles) but a huge leap forward.  There have been a couple of advances in the technology of returning ambulation to quadriplegics.  
            Will cybernetics advance to the level of Isaac Asimov’s The Bicentennial Man?  In this tale, humans and robots become virtually indistinguishable as robots can get human parts, humans can get robot parts and extend their own lives.  Granted the story is more a morality tale about what the concept of inalienable rights really means, but the question remains.  Given the abilities we currently have to create these incredible feats of technology, is it out of the realm of possibility to consider that we can achieve Iron Man or Robocop levels?  Or even to extend life beyond natural limits?  Or if we do achieve it, should we take advantage of that?
            You decide. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


So I just had a weird, weird dream.  I was trying to take a nap on the couch (which for some reason always makes me wake up with a nasty headache) and I wasn't really sleeping...more dozing than anything else.  So I'm dozing and here's the dream.  I'm walking around near some large body of water, probably an ocean.  Abe Lincoln walked by with those really high wading overall things that fly fisherman wear.  He was singing 'Black Hole Sun' by Soundgarden, which is my favorite song so I started singing with him.  I was sitting in the water, which was nice and warm, and the waves were coming up to about my shoulder.  It was very relaxing.
Then suddenly I was walking around with a cat carrier with my cat who recently passed, Butterscotch.  He was a great cat, he died the other day after battling a thyroid issue for about a year.  He was literally skin and bones- even the pin that was in his hip from when he was hit by a car about ten years ago came out and when he tried walking around his legs splayed out but he was a fighter.  Add that to the fact that he was 18 and well, it was really his time to go.  Doesn't make me less sad, don't get me wrong.  But at least he had a good long life.  Everyone loved this cat, despite his trademark which was stealing food off your plate if you turned your back for a second.  Sandwiches, steak, fish he didn't care.  He used to eat Cheez-Its, Goldfish crackers, Cheetos, etc.  Well anyway, I'm carrying him in the carrier (sorry, didn't know how else to word that- transporting sounded wrong because I was walking) and finally I come across a vet, who tells me I can't bury him and offers to do an autopsy to see if they can figure out how they can learn about thyroid diseases and try and find a cure.  I say yes. Then we opened the carrier (my mother somehow materialized, unless she was waiting for me there) and he looked at me.  He was alive!  I was so happy, but I really wasn't because even though it was a dream I still knew in my heart that he was dead.  After all I buried him the other day.  So that was it.  I woke up all depressed.
I think I understand part of it, not the Abe Lincoln part though.  I am thinking that the reason I said yes to the autopsy thing is because of what happened with my brother's dog last year.  He was an old man too, Barney the Beagle was.  He died from an unfortunately common cancer in dogs called Hemangiosarcoma, you can read about it HERE on Wikipedia.  Basically it's something that by the time you notice symptoms, it's already too late.  He refused to donate his body to science to help learn about the disease.  I remember him saying "No, I want him to cross over whole."  That really struck me.  He never talks like that, but in my family we love our pets.  I understand it completely.
Butterscotch last year, staking claim to a bone we left downstairs for the dog!
Butterscotch's grave I dug.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Still Standing

So I'm still, STILL looking for work.  It's been one month, twelve days.  It's getting on my nerves that I cannot find a decent job.  The worst part is that I have yet to get any unemployment benefits.  Six weeks with no income!  I have a car payment and rent coming due!  And every time I call or go online for information I get the same response: your claim is being processed, if additional information is required to complete your claim you will be contacted.  Great.  Since no one has contacted me, I expect that they have all the information they need.  So where's the check?  I wasn't fired because I was an asshole and I was rude to people.  I wasn't fired because I stole, skipped work or was incompetent.  I was in a sales job and the economy sucked.  As a matter of fact, the metrics used to quantify your worth as an employee that ultimately let to my firing show that in the six or seven days that I did work in May I may have been below my goal, but they were STILL better than some of the numbers that people who worked the ENTIRE month attained.  So basically I was better in a WEEK than some people were for the MONTH!  But I'm the only one who got fired.  Figure that one out.  I sold more accessories than one employee and my composite score (based on the total of all your metrics and weighted according to importance to the company) was higher than at least one other employee.
On the plus side, I'm losing weight and gaining some muscle definition.  I really want to join my brother's basketball league at the Jewish Community Center in the next month.  He just finished up one league and he said another will be starting soon.  Also, I'm writing again.  I've put down ten pages and done some heavy editing in my Cycle of the Hunter rewrite and it should be ready for Rock and Shock.  Personally I'm excited to see Michael Rooker.  He was great in Cliffhanger with Lithgow and Stallone.  Matter of fact, he had three of the four best lines in that movie!

1. If you're looking for Mr. Qualen try about 4,000 feet south of here.  He'll be the one wearing the helicopter. (After the climactic final battle of Lithgow vs Stallone AKA 'the Tiff on the Cliff'.)
2. He's not here.  He decided to take a swim to Arizona. (After Stallone killed the secondary bad guy and he fell into the ice-covered river and floated under the ice with the current.)
3. Sissy.  You hit like a sissy. (This one was Stallone, he was getting his ass kicked and up to that point had not mounted any offense or defense in any meaningful way.  However, he was about to grab the bad guy, Kynette, and impale him on a stalactite - those are the ones that grow down from the ceiling.)
4. Season's over, asshole! (after Delmar- one of the bad guys- kicked the shit our or Mr. Rooker and taunted him by doing play by play like it was a soccer game.  While Rooker hangs off the cliff after taking many vicious kicks he reveals a concealed knife and buries it into Delmar's leg.  He leans forward, allowing Rooker to grab the shotgun strapped to Delmar.  Then he screams the line and shoots Delmar in the chest.)
Honorable mention:
Right before the 'fight' with Delmar (I say that because it was no contest).
"Hey Delmar.  From me to you.  You're an asshole."
"And you're a loudmouth punk slag who's about to die."
"Maybe.  But in a minute, I'll be dead.  You will always be an asshole."  Takes off his coat and throws it to the ground.  "So shoot.  I'm getting cold.  Shoot!"
Delmar grabs him by the front of his shirt, points a gun at his face.
"Who's shooting?" he asks, and then gives Rooker a brutal headbutt.
Now I may be a tad off on the quotes, but forgive me.  I'm going by memory.  Sure I could look it up on IMDB, but they don't always get it right either.  I plan on asking him to sign Cliffhanger and writing "Season's over asshole!" as an inscription.  That would be awesome.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I really need to get on this more often.  Now that I'm unemployed...well I really have no excuse.  So I've written almost NOTHING in a long time, but I'm trying to get back into it.  This is obviously a start.  I did do a short story regarding some of my characters in the upcoming Cycle of the Hunter re-release as well as another article for Paranormal Association about Atlantis you can find here. 
I'm working on another right now regarding ancient aliens as I've been watching the History Channel series on DVD while I can't sleep and I find it fascinating.  Some very interesting stuff, although to be honest all I keep thinking about is the end of the original Planet of the Apes where Taylor (Charlton Heston) is in the cave with Dr. Zaius, Cornelius and Zira and he is looking at the remains of what he believes is a fabricated heart valve and eyeglasses and other relics.  Dr. Zaius tells him that he can give alternate explanations to each one of the objects in question "as ingenious as your own".  This is how I feel about the ancient alien stuff.  They're taking things from the Bible and other religious texts to interpret interactions with angels and the like as alien encounters.  Each side giving explanations that suit their purposes is the point I'm trying to make.  The one part I really liked in the movie that corresponds to the alien theory is when Taylor finds the doll and Zaius says "My granddaughter plays with human dolls!" and he throws it on the ground and it says "mama" and Taylor asks him if an ape would make a human doll that talked.  Same with ancient aliens - there are several statues and figures and carvings of what look like modern-day aircraft and astronauts.  Why would Aztecs and ancient Egyptians and Mayans do such a thing?  And then you have the people on the other side offering their ingenious explanations saying that what some people are calling air/space conveyances are actually insects.  Interesting stuff, I must say.
So I'm also getting married three months from tomorrow, Friday September 13th.  And let me tell you, not having any money to help pay for things is really tough.  I mean, we did most of our spending already and it was good that I got a decent amount in taxes back because that's where almost all of my tax money went.  But there are still a lot of things that need to be taken care of and I don't need to tell you that weddings can be very expensive, especially when you're paying for it all yourselves.
I'm also very excited for the Bruins tonight!  Game One of the Stanley Cup Final!  I'm hoping they tear through Chicago they way they did with Pittsburgh, but I don't think it will be as lopsided.  I think they'll win in 6.  I'd love a sweep, but I don't think it's in the cards.  Chicago is just too good.  I'd love to win tickets and get to go see them.  We didn't get playoff tickets this year or last year.  We haven't gone since Game Two of the Canadiens series in the championship season.  And we went to the one when we got engaged, April 21, 2010 in the double-overtime victory against the Sabres.
Well that's all for now.  I promise I'll be back soon.
Stay Weird.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Monsters in the Closet

So I couldn't help but notice that my short story collection Monsters in the Closet is ranked #693,741 in Kindle sales.  That's atrocious!  How can I be ranked so low with reviews like this :

Patrick Rahall and Justin Graves have teamed up on a creepy Kindle horror book. Consider this a "USA Today" for horror junkies. It's filled to the gills with short blasts of horror gore that will raise the hair on your neck and keep you flipping the pages. A satisfying and captivating read!

and this:

Ok I found this collection of short stories very entertaining. The first story plays on the fear of being trapped, powerless and incapacitated add to that mix the fear of fire and you have the fist story.

The first story is shocking and very well written and well thought out. The authors have fantastic imaginations, or are very good researchers or both.. Having set a high standard with the first story, time soon passes as you read from story to story and all too quickly the end.. leaving the reader wanting more. It's good value for money at 99 cents. Recommended for horror fans only. This is dark stuff and not suitable for those of a nervous disposition.

This was a review of the kindle edition

and this:

The stories in this stunning horror collection run the gamut, from grisly to amusing to poignant. And they obey Edgar Allan Poe's short story law of being brief enough to be read in a single sitting. Patrick Rahall shows that less is more, and the short lengths are a plus for today's busy readers. In addition, the author's voice is fresh and real, and his style is perfect for the horror genre--lean and punchy. And terrifying! Highly recommended.

and this:

Much like Pill Hill Press's Daily Frights books (Of which the 2012 edition features two works from this collection), this is a great read for those who want to finish a story but don't have a lot of time on their hands. Interesting, well paced, horror stories ranging from creepy to gruesome and nightmarish in their scope, each of these stories manages to pack environments, scenes, characters, plot development, and truly unique and sometimes startling endings into a very small bite.

I want YOU to help rectify this oversight and get your copy today!  For only $.99 you can own a piece of awesomeness that has gotten spectacular reviews and as a bonus contains the prologue of my upcoming novel, Cycle of the Hunter!  Help me afford my wedding this year (September 13th) by picking up your copy either in Kindle form HERE or the print version for $5 HERE.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Over and Over

So I'm torn.  I don't know if I should try and finish my re-write of Cycle of the Hunter or if I should shelve that for now and concentrate on my short stories and get to work on Monsters in the Closet Volume Two.  The issue is that I have been stagnating on Cycle.  Haven't written anything in a few months.  It's sad because for a while I was flying through it.  I know the story.  I know what I want to happen.  I also have the sequel ready to go.  My issue is getting the story out of my head and onto the computer so I can finally have it all out there and I can edit, re-write and get going on other stuff.  I HATE when I get stuck.  I love writing.  Thankfully I have the site that keeps me busy.  Seriously, if you like the stuff I've written, make sure you check out the other contributors, or if you would like to start a conversation/topic do so in the forum!  We welcome that stuff!  And if there is a topic that you would like to see me write on, please suggest it!  I am thinking of the following:

Hell's Gate at Bobby Mackey's
The Jersey Devil
Peter Stubbe - An actual account of a werewolf?
Porphyria - the disease that gave birth to the vampire legend

Please vote on what you think you would like most!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Paranormal Activity!

So my first article went so well on that they asked me to do another!  I did, and it can be found here.  The first one is on the deeply disturbed Sarah Winchester's attempt to keep the spirits of the people killed by the guns that bear her name from haunting her by building the Winchester Mystery House.  As you can see from the picture it is massive.  It was built 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 38 years.  Non stop.

The second one is about haunted/possessed dolls on an island just outside Mexico City.  The dolls were said to keep evil spirits at bay...but some say it failed miserably.  Spend a night there, just don't expect the locals to be waiting with their boats to take you back until the sun comes up.

The hut built to house the nicest dolls.
Dolls hung from trees.

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Thank you and I look forward to adding more stuff for you!