Wednesday, June 24, 2015

After an extended leave...

So I'm teaming up with the vastly talented Jeannette Andromeda for something we like to call Two Sentence Story Tuesday!  It's her amazing artwork paired with my two-sentence stories for a quick break in your day.  You get to read a very quick story and see a spectacular piece of art from someone who knows her stuff.  You can find her blog HERE and the super awesome YouTube channel HERE.  She does art, video game reviews, movie reviews and a whole host of other creative projects and you need to check out what she can do!
On a related note, this is going to become a more regular thing for me.  My last post was February of 2014, so it's been 15 months or so since my last blog post.  Sad, I realize.  What have I been up to?  Well since the last time I posted I have been laid off from Bose, but that was only a seasonal position anyway.  I got laid off in June, and the position was only supposed to be through Christmas, so I lasted through several rounds of layoffs.  I started working part-time at Target in April and I'm still there.  I also started in August at 21st Century Biochemicals, where my wife works.  I started working there doing basic lab bitch work - weighing amino acids, etc.  Now I'm Document Control/Shipping.  I'm loving this job.
I am also working on a lot of different projects right now.  I've got my two-sentence stories, I'm also doing horror haikus, as well as some short stories that I'll be publishing soon.  So I'll have some new work out there soon!  I cannot wait!  Check out all our work in the coming weeks!

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