Friday, June 21, 2013

Still Standing

So I'm still, STILL looking for work.  It's been one month, twelve days.  It's getting on my nerves that I cannot find a decent job.  The worst part is that I have yet to get any unemployment benefits.  Six weeks with no income!  I have a car payment and rent coming due!  And every time I call or go online for information I get the same response: your claim is being processed, if additional information is required to complete your claim you will be contacted.  Great.  Since no one has contacted me, I expect that they have all the information they need.  So where's the check?  I wasn't fired because I was an asshole and I was rude to people.  I wasn't fired because I stole, skipped work or was incompetent.  I was in a sales job and the economy sucked.  As a matter of fact, the metrics used to quantify your worth as an employee that ultimately let to my firing show that in the six or seven days that I did work in May I may have been below my goal, but they were STILL better than some of the numbers that people who worked the ENTIRE month attained.  So basically I was better in a WEEK than some people were for the MONTH!  But I'm the only one who got fired.  Figure that one out.  I sold more accessories than one employee and my composite score (based on the total of all your metrics and weighted according to importance to the company) was higher than at least one other employee.
On the plus side, I'm losing weight and gaining some muscle definition.  I really want to join my brother's basketball league at the Jewish Community Center in the next month.  He just finished up one league and he said another will be starting soon.  Also, I'm writing again.  I've put down ten pages and done some heavy editing in my Cycle of the Hunter rewrite and it should be ready for Rock and Shock.  Personally I'm excited to see Michael Rooker.  He was great in Cliffhanger with Lithgow and Stallone.  Matter of fact, he had three of the four best lines in that movie!

1. If you're looking for Mr. Qualen try about 4,000 feet south of here.  He'll be the one wearing the helicopter. (After the climactic final battle of Lithgow vs Stallone AKA 'the Tiff on the Cliff'.)
2. He's not here.  He decided to take a swim to Arizona. (After Stallone killed the secondary bad guy and he fell into the ice-covered river and floated under the ice with the current.)
3. Sissy.  You hit like a sissy. (This one was Stallone, he was getting his ass kicked and up to that point had not mounted any offense or defense in any meaningful way.  However, he was about to grab the bad guy, Kynette, and impale him on a stalactite - those are the ones that grow down from the ceiling.)
4. Season's over, asshole! (after Delmar- one of the bad guys- kicked the shit our or Mr. Rooker and taunted him by doing play by play like it was a soccer game.  While Rooker hangs off the cliff after taking many vicious kicks he reveals a concealed knife and buries it into Delmar's leg.  He leans forward, allowing Rooker to grab the shotgun strapped to Delmar.  Then he screams the line and shoots Delmar in the chest.)
Honorable mention:
Right before the 'fight' with Delmar (I say that because it was no contest).
"Hey Delmar.  From me to you.  You're an asshole."
"And you're a loudmouth punk slag who's about to die."
"Maybe.  But in a minute, I'll be dead.  You will always be an asshole."  Takes off his coat and throws it to the ground.  "So shoot.  I'm getting cold.  Shoot!"
Delmar grabs him by the front of his shirt, points a gun at his face.
"Who's shooting?" he asks, and then gives Rooker a brutal headbutt.
Now I may be a tad off on the quotes, but forgive me.  I'm going by memory.  Sure I could look it up on IMDB, but they don't always get it right either.  I plan on asking him to sign Cliffhanger and writing "Season's over asshole!" as an inscription.  That would be awesome.

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