Thursday, January 17, 2013

Monsters in the Closet

So I couldn't help but notice that my short story collection Monsters in the Closet is ranked #693,741 in Kindle sales.  That's atrocious!  How can I be ranked so low with reviews like this :

Patrick Rahall and Justin Graves have teamed up on a creepy Kindle horror book. Consider this a "USA Today" for horror junkies. It's filled to the gills with short blasts of horror gore that will raise the hair on your neck and keep you flipping the pages. A satisfying and captivating read!

and this:

Ok I found this collection of short stories very entertaining. The first story plays on the fear of being trapped, powerless and incapacitated add to that mix the fear of fire and you have the fist story.

The first story is shocking and very well written and well thought out. The authors have fantastic imaginations, or are very good researchers or both.. Having set a high standard with the first story, time soon passes as you read from story to story and all too quickly the end.. leaving the reader wanting more. It's good value for money at 99 cents. Recommended for horror fans only. This is dark stuff and not suitable for those of a nervous disposition.

This was a review of the kindle edition

and this:

The stories in this stunning horror collection run the gamut, from grisly to amusing to poignant. And they obey Edgar Allan Poe's short story law of being brief enough to be read in a single sitting. Patrick Rahall shows that less is more, and the short lengths are a plus for today's busy readers. In addition, the author's voice is fresh and real, and his style is perfect for the horror genre--lean and punchy. And terrifying! Highly recommended.

and this:

Much like Pill Hill Press's Daily Frights books (Of which the 2012 edition features two works from this collection), this is a great read for those who want to finish a story but don't have a lot of time on their hands. Interesting, well paced, horror stories ranging from creepy to gruesome and nightmarish in their scope, each of these stories manages to pack environments, scenes, characters, plot development, and truly unique and sometimes startling endings into a very small bite.

I want YOU to help rectify this oversight and get your copy today!  For only $.99 you can own a piece of awesomeness that has gotten spectacular reviews and as a bonus contains the prologue of my upcoming novel, Cycle of the Hunter!  Help me afford my wedding this year (September 13th) by picking up your copy either in Kindle form HERE or the print version for $5 HERE.

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